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      Real People Celebrating Real Success

      Real People Celebrating Real Success

      Lisa Alexander
      Age: 32 | Marquette, MI

      50 lbs lighter

      "I couldn't believe I was getting to enjoy delicious food while losing weight. It seemed unreal."

      Lisa's Story


      I came from a family where food is love. We are of Scandinavian descent, so any special event requires a feast.
      My sister struggled with her weight but I could never relate to her frustration, until I started having children. Then, pre-packaged convenience foods made life so much easier. After the birth of my second child, I was up to 170 pounds. My body felt off. I was stressed out at work and eating crazy business takeout. With the extra weight I had pain in my back and couldn't even pick up my son, Elijah.
      I did a ton of research, until I came across bistroMD. I was blown away by the selection of all the yummy food. I couldn't believe I was getting to enjoy delicious food while losing weight. It seemed unreal.

      Why bistroMD Works

      Customized, physician-designed weight loss programs

      Scientifically balanced programs that target fat

      Individualized support from our team of Registered Dietitians to help you reach your personal goals

      Nutritionally and scientifically balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered to your door

      What Lisa Loves

      • Free Registered Dietitian Support
      • Exclusive bistroMD Facebook Community
      • Text Message Support
      • Friendly U.S.-based Member Service Team
      • Access to Customizable Menu
      • EATS Snack Program

      Let's make the next success story yours!

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      Dr Phil
      Lifetime Network
      The Biggest Loser
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